Cincinnati Client Closing Gifts • CVG Airport Code Merchandise

Cincinnati Client Closing Gifts - CVG Airport Code Merchandise - YHM Designs

Unique Cincinnati Closing Gift Ideas for Your Clients

Find unique Cincinnati, Ohio closing gifts for your real estate clients right here with cool CVG airport code merchandise.

Airport codes are a kind of shorthand to represent cities, and remind us how we are all connected to each other along a global network.

A housewarming gift featuring your city's airport code is a fabulous way to celebrate your customer's new home, whether they are new to the community or long-time residents.

Wide Variety

Items include throw pillows, coffee mugs, hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, wall art and more! There are many options under $50 CAD to suit your client gifting needs. Check out the collection below to see all that is available.


Consider these items for such occasions as:

  • Relocation to a new city
  • New home or first home purchase
  • New condominium or apartment rental
  • Christmas and holiday gifts
  • Customer appreciation and loyalty

Fulfillment, Shipping and Delivery

All products are made to order and can be shipped anywhere. Send gifts to your branch offices and clients across the country, or around the world.

Fulfillment location depends on the products chosen and shipping address.

Being made to order means we don't over-produce items and risk discarding unsold inventory, which is a win for the environment.

Shop CVG Cincinnati Gifts

Nice find! Cool merch features Cincinnati, Ohio's CVG airport code. Throw pillows, mugs, hats, apparel, bags and more. Neat travel-inspired gear for all ages. Fabulous unique, practical and local gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, graduation, or all occasions. Designed in Canada. All products made-to-order. Easy online ordering. Worldwide shipping. Many other cities and airports available. Discover the collection and get yours today!
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