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Airport Code Baggage Tag Pillows • Canada

Canada Airport Code Throw Pillows Housewarming Gifts Airbnb Decor - YHM Designs

Genius gifts and home décor for all occasions!

Fabulous find! Throw pillows evoke vintage baggage tags displaying airport codes from across Canada, with colours inspired by airline liveries, past and present, linked with each city. Discover the collection below!

YHM Designs offers these buying suggestions for either yourself or others:

Home Décor

Claim your travels! Celebrate your hometown, favourite city or dream destination with this reminder of remarkable experiences. Add a pop of colour to your living room or bedroom. This travel-themed pillow also makes for a stimulating conversation piece.

Airbnb Décor

Make your Airbnb vacation rental property feel like an authentic, local getaway. Accent the bed or sitting area with a bright reminder of where your guests are staying. Differentiate your space from a roadside hotel and lend it that personal touch.

Housewarming Gift

Congratulate first-time homeowners on taking that big step to buy their first home. Welcome a new neighbour to your community. Cheer up a student going away to college or university, or a recent graduate moving to a new city. A clever alternative to a gift basket, an airport code pillow provides a lasting sense of place.

Christmas or Birthday Gift

A unique gift for him or for her, perhaps to share fond memories of your times together where you live, grew up or travelled. Send it as part of a care package to an expat friend or homesick loved one far away. Or plant a seed as to where next you want both of you to explore!

Teacher Gift

Say “thank you” with a standout end-of-year teacher appreciation gift. At the very least, you can demonstrate that you paid attention during geography class! And your teacher will welcome this token of gratitude that is both practical and fun.

Host or Hostess Gift

Show your appreciation for your host or hostess’s hospitality whether you are invited for cocktails, dinner, a backyard barbeque or a casual get-together. A distinctive gift such as this is a thoughtful expression of warmth and friendship and a symbol that your gathering is meaningful.


Each 18"x18" pillow is individually printed, cut and sewn to order. The cover is made of machine-washable 100% polyester fabric and features a concealed zipper. The included pillow insert is handwash only, and its resilient polyester filling will retain its shape.