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Airport Code Dad Hats • International

International Airport Code Dad Hats - YHM Designs

Genius Gifts for Those Who Take Flight and Love to Travel!

Great find! Dad hats embroidered with airport codes from around the world. 100% cotton. Low-profile design. For men and women. Lettering inspired by airport signage for clarity, legibility and style. On-trend fashion. Discover the collection below!

YHM Designs offers these buying suggestions for either yourself or others:

Casual Wear

Rep your city! You believe in civic pride, so broadcast it to the world. Paired with your favourite jeans and a tee, this dad hat completes your look when out on the town.

Christmas or Birthday Gift

For family and friends with insatiable wanderlust, whether planning their next trip at home or once again globetrotting from continent to continent. They can proclaim love for their hometown or favourite city wherever they go.


For college and university students either living in town or away at school, this hat makes for a useful and hip gift to tell people where they’re from or help relieve homesickness.

Aviation Enthusiast

For hardcore business travellers hopping from place to place, professionals who fly for a living, or planespotters hanging out at the airport, this all-purpose hat is the ideal fashion accessory to fit their lifestyle.