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Unique Nova Scotia Gift Ideas

Find unique Nova Scotia gifts for family and friends right here with cool YHZ Halifax or YQY Sydney airport code merchandise that will be surefire hits!

Airport codes are a kind of shorthand to represent cities, and remind us how we are all connected to each other along a global network.

Whether your recipients are in, from or visiting your city, a gift featuring its airport code is a fabulous way to celebrate your connection with them and leave a lasting impression.

Wide Variety

Items include hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, throw pillows, coffee mugs, wall art and more! There are many options under $50 CAD to suit your gifting needs. Check out the collection to see all that is available.

Mix it Up

Many world airports and destinations are represented here at YHM Designs. If you want to give your dad a YHZ Halifax hat, your mom a CDG Paris throw pillow, your brother an HKG Hong Kong coffee mug, or your sister a MIA Miami print, then go ahead and mix it up!

Interests & Pursuits

Consider these items for people who fit the following:

  • Travel lover and world adventurer
  • Proud of their city or hometown
  • Frequent flyer or aviation enthusiast
  • Student away from home or ex-pat family member
  • In a long-distance relationship
  • Pilot, flight attendant, ramp worker, airline or airport employee

Fulfillment, Shipping and Delivery

All products are made to order and can be shipped anywhere. Fulfillment location depends on the products chosen and shipping address.

Being made to order means we don't over-produce items and risk discarding unsold inventory, which is a win for the environment.


Check out the YHZ Halifax collection below. See the YQY Sydney products here:

Shop YHZ Halifax Gifts

Nice find! Cool merch features Halifax, Nova Scotia's YHZ airport code. Throw pillows, mugs, hats, apparel, bags and more. Neat travel-inspired gear for all ages. Fabulous unique and practical gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, graduation, or all occasions. Designed in Canada. All products made-to-order. Easy online ordering. Many other cities and airports available. Discover the collection and get yours today!

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